Almost half a year has passed since the strategic alliance of Unique International
Properties, led by Paula Sánchez, and Uniqdot, a consulting firm specialized in business development and Real Estate founded by partners Pedro Mingo and Germán Rocca. Located in the city of Miami, today one of the areas with the highest real estate demand in the United States as a consequence of the pandemic, Unique International Properties and Uniqdot provide their clients with real estate investment alternatives in the state of Florida, based on your requirements and knowledge of the business in the area.

Currently, the real estate market in Florida is in high demand. Before the pandemic, a trend was already seen marked by people from the northern United States and also from Canada, the so-called Snow Birds, who due to climate and tax benefits, They had Florida in their sights. In this state you only pay Federal Tax, unlike others where the tax scheme is more complex and where the tax burden is increased, says Paula Sánchez.

Without a doubt, the pandemic accelerated the trend and this, added to the excellent quality of life in South Florida and the low COVID restrictions imposed by the authorities during the pandemic, made Miami a highly sought-after destination for Americans and their companies, which placed the city at the center of interest for real estate investors, he adds.

Investing in a foreign market requires local knowledge, guidance and advice regarding opportunities, structuring and financing. All of this is what Uniqdot offer to their clients who, wanting to invest abroad, are looking for the safest way to make their investments.

We receive clients who want to buy properties for themselves, clients who want to invest in projects, both developments or for rent, as well as longer-term investments and also others who want to know how real the rumor is that they are going to invest. in Miami it is or is not a good no idea, says Pedro Mingo.

The added value is in trust and knowledge about the local market. In most cases there are investors who seek to replicate the investment model of their home markets that has been successful. This is when the local reality is disregarded. and where we see the biggest problems when it comes to obtaining the expected results for the investments.

Unfortunately, avoidable errors, which can be solved by having a vision of the target market, says Germán Rocca.

With 9 years of experience in the South Florida market, Unique International Properties has a prime portfolio of clients, not only Chileans, but also North Americans and Europeans. At the same time, the combined experience of the two founders of Uniqdot in the business world, specifically in the internationalization of companies, allows them to guide their clients on how and where to invest, with a local perspective, thus becoming a solid alternative to consider for clients seeking to open their portfolios abroad with the help of trusted professionals.