Real estate boom threatens fight against inflation in the US, according to the Fed

In Miami, the residential market exceeded pre-pandemic numbers. Chilean broker Paula Sánchez expands her operations to the development of luxury real estate.

In the midst of the fight against inflation waged by the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the United States, the boom in the real estate market seems to threaten the objective of the monetary authority of that country. Fed Governor Michelle Bowman said the recovery in home prices could affect the efforts of the country’s central bank to stop the rise in the cost of living.

The residential real estate market appears to be recovering, as home prices have been leveling off recently, which has implications for our fight to reduce inflation, Bowman said at an institutional event in Boston, Se-Bloomberg News cited him as saying.

In the southern United States, according to figures from the Miami Association of Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system, last February sales transactions increased three digits compared to the previous ones. The same numbers is added the increment of luxury transactions in Miami-Dade County (US$ 1 million and more) that rose 111.5% compared to pre covid records. The boom would be due to internal demand and a high migration of high-net-worth Latinos. In this scenario, Unique International Properties, led by the Chilean. The new Latino residents would be one of the drivers of the real estate market in Miami, United States. Paula Sánchez announced a new line of business, Uniqdot, which is an expansion of her operations into the field of real estate development.

Sánchez teamed up with Germán Rocca, who in 2018 was Trade Commissioner for the Southeast Region of the United States in ProChile and is currently a member of the surveillance committee of the investment fund Sartor Oportunidad y Desarrollo USA; and Pedro Mingo, who is dedicated to the management and development of real estate projects in that same country. In addition, it created an alliance with the prominent architect Gonzalo Mardones to implement new designs in luxury homes.

The goal for this year is to increase 20% in the projects we have under construction of boutique buildings and Luxury homes that total approximately US$ 80 million, says Sánchez.